A synthesis of journal rankings in Agricultural Economics and Environmental & Resource Economics

This text has been published simultaneously on Agrarpolitik and Skeptische Ökonomik.

Bartosz Bartkowski, Nils Droste, Robert Finger1

Rankings of academic journals are often used as indicators for the quality and relevance of publications, and with that researchers and institutions (e.g. Kalaitzidakis et al., 20032). Such rankings may even serve as guidance especially for early-career researchers regarding where to submit their manuscripts. Rankings of this type do not substitute an in-depth quality assessment of publications and journals and their use requires critical reflection (see e.g. Laband 20133). Yet, they still provide valuable information. Next to various rankings based on bibliometric analyses such as the ‘Impact Factor’ (with different data sources and calculation methods), there have been several alternative ranking proposals in the fields of agricultural economics as well as environmental and resource economics. For example, Herrmann et al. (2011) proposed a survey-based ranking for agricultural economics; Halkos and Tzeremes (2012) use a data-envelopment analysis fed by bibliometric information to generate a ranking for agricultural, environmental and resource economics. Here, we present the first attempt to synthesize different rankings for both agricultural economics as well as environmental and resource economics (AERE). Though such synthesis cannot solve the general problems of journal rankings, we believe that it might increase the reliability and thus usefulness of the available information.

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