Current projects

AgriScape – Zielkonflikte auf dem Weg zu multifunktionalen Agrarlandschaften (BMBF, 2022–2027)

The junior research group AgriScape (Trade-offs along pathways towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes) investigates biophysical and socio-economic trade-offs that arise in the context of a transformation of agricultural landscapes towards multifunctionality under climate change. It combines ecological modelling, multi-objective landscape optimization, agent-based modelling, behavioural studies and deliberative monetary valuation. The ultimate goal is the identification of trade-off-minimizing pathways and policy options for a case study region in Northwest Saxony (eastern Germany).

BIOcean5D – Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Prediction Across Spatial, Temporal and Human Scales (Horizon Europe, 2022–2026)

In this large-scale project focusing on the assessment of marine biodiversity along the European coast (Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea), a series of deliberative monetary valuation workshop will be conducted along the route of the TREC expedition to identify societal preferences for marine biodiversity and ecosystem services, while also comparing these across different European regions.

Faktencheck Artenvielfalt (BMBF, 2021–2024)

The German biodiversity assessment synthesizes existing knowledge on the status, trends, drivers and policy options related to biodiversity change in Germany across ecosystems. It focuses on both above-ground and below-ground biodiversity.

CAP4GI – Leverages and potentials in the Common Agricultural Policy for improved support of Green Infrastructure, biodiversity and ecosystem services (BMBF, 2022–2025)

BonaRes Centre for Soil Research (BMBF, 2015–2025)

Previous projects