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I am an environmental economist at the UFZ – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. My research focus is on the economic analysis of agri-environmental policy instruments as means to navigate ecosystem service trade-offs in multifunctional landscapes. In this context, I am particularly interested in identifying policy instruments and instrument mixes allowing to align societal preferences with biophysical potential of landscapes to provide multiple ecosystem services. Using agent-based modelling, but also more qualitative approaches, I look at the emerging landscape-level patterns that result from various policy mixes given realistic descriptions of farmers‘ behaviour and institutional settings.

I did my PhD (Dr. rer. pol.) in environmental economics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in 2017. The topic of my PhD was the economic valuation of biodiversity, with a special focus on deliberative monetary valuation. Between the topic of my PhD and my current focus, I have rather diverse research interests and have also worked and published on ecosystem service trade-offs, ecosystem services & property rights, farmers‘ behavioural characteristics, governance and ethics of genome-edited food, growth imperatives and the democratic deficits in the degrowth debate. Check out my publication list and the Research tab for more information and detail.

Since 2019, I have been the coordinator of the thematic graduate school AGRI-TRANSFORM at the UFZ, while also co-supervising two PhD students. Since 2017, I have been giving a course on conservation economics (Naturschutzökonomik) within the bachelor’s programme Nature conservation and landscape planning (Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung) at the Hochschule Anhalt in Bernburg.

I use the blog Skeptische Ökonomie, which is integrated in this website, as a tool for formulation and discussion of new ideas, as well as for science communication (both of own work and the work of others).

Before discovering economics I did my bachelor’s in cultural studies (focus on Russia and ex-Yugoslavia). I am married and father of two. In my free time I enjoy drinking tea, listening to avant-garde jazz, reading (philosophy, SF and fantasy), watching depressing films and contributing to Wikipedia.