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I am an environmental economist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig, Germany. My research focus is on the economic analysis of trade-offs in the management of multifunctional landscapes and policy options for navigating these trade-offs. In this context, I am particularly interested in understanding the interplay of societal preferences for and the value of environmental public goods (biodiversity, ecosystem services), the trade-offs arising among these goods and the societal opportunity costs of their provision, the design on policy instruments and instrument mixes to navigate and resolve the trade-offs, and the behavioural responses of land users to external drivers (policies, climate change) leading to emergent landscape-level provision of biodiversity and ecosystem services. My main focus is on the investigation of these questions in the context of agri-environmental policy.

I did my PhD (Dr. rer. pol.) in environmental economics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in 2013–2017. The topic of my PhD was the economic valuation of biodiversity, with a special focus on deliberative monetary valuation. Between the topic of my PhD and my current focus, I have rather diverse research interests and have also worked and published on ecosystem service trade-offs, ecosystem services & property rights, farmers’ behaviour, governance and ethics of genome-edited food, growth imperatives and the democratic deficits in the degrowth debate. Check out my publication list and the Research tab for more information and detail.

Since 2019, I have been the coordinator of the thematic graduate school AGRI-TRANSFORM at the UFZ, while also co-supervising two PhD students. From 2017 until 2022, I have been giving a course on conservation economics (Naturschutzökonomik) within the bachelor’s programme Nature conservation and landscape planning (Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung) at the Hochschule Anhalt in Bernburg.

I use the blog Skeptische Ökonomie, which is integrated in this website, as a tool for formulation and discussion of new ideas, as well as for science communication (both of own work and the work of others).

Before discovering economics (thanks to Amartya Sen’s writing), I did my bachelor’s in cultural studies (focus on Russia and ex-Yugoslavia). A legacy of this time is my lasting interest in (South-)Eastern Europe. I am married and father of two. In my free time I enjoy drinking tea, listening to avant-garde jazz, reading (philosophy, SF and fantasy), watching depressing films and contributing to Wikipedia.

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